E. Robert Wassman, M.D.
Chief Medical Adviser

E. Robert Wassman, M.D. is Lineagen’s Chief Medical Adviser and joined Lineagen with more than 30 years of experience in genetics-based diagnostics. Prior to joining Lineagen, Dr. Wassman served in various positions focused on advancing the translation and delivery of cutting-edge diagnostic technology into clinical service, including Chief Medical Officer at Rosetta Genomics; Chief Medical and Chief Genomics Officer at Generation Health; SVP/CMO of Helicos BioSciences; Co-Founder and CMO of Good Start Genetics, and President/CMO of Celula, Inc. Prior to leading these start-up ventures, he was the Senior Medical Officer of Genzyme Genetics after helping lead Alfigen/The Genetics Institute for many years. In addition he has served as a consultant to numerous companies introducing other key innovations to the market.

Dr. Wassman received his B.S. from Yale University, and his M.D. from Albany Medical College. He took post-graduate training in Pediatrics and Medical Genetics at NY Hospital-Cornell University Medical Center and UCLA respectively, and is Board certified in these disciplines.